Hello, My name is Annie, nice to E-Meet you.

A little bit about me…
I started work as a 14 year old working on a phone accessory market stall in my home town in Suffolk, England. This job was a bit cold in the winter months but taught me some valuable skills about communications and selling, and to this day I will remember the lessons I learnt from Sev my very first manager. 
Once I got a taste for working and earning my own money, I moved onto various Saturday jobs, always with the knowledge that i was learning transferable skills. Now as I am catapulting myself into a career of communicating and selling of different sorts I to certain degree regret my constant search for the next best job as I have come to learn that mastery is within practice (Ive come to this conclusion because I sure am no master…yet). This being said I have enjoyed the advantages of learning many POS systems and the variety of customers you will come across standing behind each of them. While working as a waitress, I have learnt the value of empathy for a server and the immense pressure they remain calm under. I have also learned that most issues on any shift can be solved, and when a fight is breaking out on shop floor (no matter how prepared you believe you are) is a tricky situation but it will pass and probably be laughed about in the future. 

The final thing I feel I have taken from my few years of work experience has been that the team makes the job, the group of people and the culture created within that team is what makes anyone feel at home at work. 

When I think of the future career I want when ‘grow up’ and finish uni, I hope to be apart of a team that is excited and driven in the same way that I am and I hope to communicate the story and personality of a company in a way that people don’t just see the brand but feel it.

Thank you for reading and supporting me, my portfolio is below so please check out my past work experience and contact me if you have any questions or just want a chat! 

Annie xxx