This is my first recipe blog post so I thought I’d introduce my culinary skills as for what I lack in skill and expertise I make up for in excitement.

I love me some food, I think it probably stems from a childhood full of memories made around a good meal which reinforced my love for food.
Through the years, my relationship to food has been turbulent, with emotional eating and deprivation becoming a normal occurrence in my mind and these thoughts which I have grown to learn unfortunately have been shared by so many beautiful women I have met and loved. As food and our weight are so widely discussed even now, in my lowest times I can be found curled up in a ball crying over the fact that I indulged in an extra bag of crisps that I couldn’t budget into myFitnessPal.

So what how does this uplift me? I hear you cry. I came here for some wholesome recipe ideas! and as did I. And as you may have noticed, 2020 is over and a whole new year is on our doorstep. I love a good new year, usually, I will get stuck into my diet and desperately try to balance my love of tasty and exciting food with a want to be a skinny legend, and often fall victim to the former. Well, this year is different, I’m not setting a goal of weight or inches, I’m gonna enjoy some food! Yay! *the crowd goes wild*

Inspired by the fabulous and flamboyant idol that is Nigella lawson (specifically in her late 90s show, nigella bites) I want to channel her energy in 2021. Sex chef extraordinaire (before the whole coke incident)
If you have yet to watch, I would thoroughly recommend to anyone, it has been a total saviour during lockdown!
Thank me later

One thing that I admire from Nigella is her casual and elegant demeanour that she can use to near enough float around her kitchen while making a whole heap of mess. This chick i swear does not clean her own workspaces because from what i can see she slaps and slops her food around the room in a childlike way that is refreshing to see in life, let alone on TV. Now I understand that these are no new discoveries, Nigella has been cooking on telly since before I was a twinkle in my dads eye, but until this sad yet informative lockdown I had never opened my heart to her cooking.

When I started writing this post at 11 this evening (now 12:32) I did not anticipate my true love for Nigella to come out but hey i guess thats the pro of journally. Okay so to conclude, I shall be cooking more, I find it very fun and me and the food kind have some making up to do. So just like how your parents woud solve childhood arguments, i shall lock myself in a room with food until we can make up and walk out holding hands.

Okay good night xx