My update – 5th July 19

So I’ve decided to stay in Australia for a bit longer and I guess I should keep this posted on wbat I’m up to. Over the last month I travelled the East Coast with Katrina and Henry and we had a right blast and I don’t think I’m ready to come back quite yet.

So a little update, I should have posted all my photos to Instagram or Facebook when I could as I dropped my phone, my baby, into the great bloody ocean while on a katamaran sailing the whitsundays

Here’s a picture of me in the sunrise before it happened (photo taken on my big camera 📸)

Since then I had no phone for a little while and no access to the photos taken in the weeks before that (because I was a muppet and didn’t back anything up) but I have a few so I will do some posts to show them…

The start…

Katrina and Henry arrived from bali at the end of May and we started our adventure then from Sydney. We took one long bus up to gold Coast for 16 and stayed over for the night. The gold Coast was stunning and we did a boat ride bast the abodes of the rich and famous who own the world, that was cool. Here we are, looking cute as ever in the wind.

From the gold Coast we continued up to Cairns where we stayed for a couple of days and went out onto the great barrier reef and saw whats left of the beautiful coral and marine life, as it was only a dya trip we carried on back to cairns for the night and had a good night out with the people we had met.

In the following days we carried on town the coast to townsville where we hopped over to magnetic island. Here we met a couple of lovely peeps from Cambridge who we managed to bump into at nearly every stop which was a great surprise. We had a BBQ on the beach and I felt the most Australian that I’ve ever felt, and loved it.

Quick thing, it’s really hard to remember the trip without photos, kinda wish I made a diary while I was going but I’m a lazy gal who couldn’t be bothered so there ya go.

So we went from Maggi to