Help, I think I’m Inspired.

Okay, so I know we all want to be inspired, right? Gets us going and feeling, well, inspired, but inspiration for me sometimes comes with desperation.

I shall start at the beginning, within my uni course I have the task of planning my future within a module. I have done this many times with the idea that sure, one day I might work in marketing without ever realising the endless possibilities that could entail.

Now with almost two years of further education under my belt, I feel like so many aspects of marketing and management, have inspired me to pursue routes such as PR which previously I wouldn’t have known to be an option. This exploration of topics has allowed me to question what I really want to do and where I think I should work in the future.

My inspiring lesson this morning spoke of the endless possibilities that we have as young twenty-somethings starting out in our career with the world at our feet, this knowledge was both inspiring and daunting. The analysis paralysis of deciding who you want to be and what you want to achieve all while making money and feeling happy and fulfilled is an overwhelming feeling for sure.

After some thinking and googling I stumbled upon media relations, this job sounds just like what I want to do, It involves communications and creativity as well as the ability to attend awards and mix with people who inspire me within advertising. This being said I love the idea of selling advertising space to companies in a consulting way, providing insight into where they should invest their money and how to target their specific audience. But also, I kinda want to work in TV and maybe radio one day, and this is where it gets tricky. What should I do? Can I do all these things even if they’re not in one concise person specification on indeed? I hope so.

So as all these posts end, this too will end with no real conclusion or point at all, just that inspiration is both very fun and also a little scary. I have decided I will dream big and hope for the best, continue to learn, and jump at opportunities that make me excited.

Below I will outline the notes made in my career planning lesson, mainly for me to look back at one day and laugh at how I did them 😉 xxx