Bamboo toothbrush

Okay so through spending my whole life consuming information through the internet you find a daunting amount of information on the impact we all have on the planet. Everyone consumes and researches this differently based on what they feel to be important in life, this is natural and I love that everyone has different likes and interests.

Many of us, me included have no idea what we can do to combat the changes that we are seeing all over the world and in our own towns and back gardens, the world is getting hotter, floods are increasing, people are unhealthier and these are all things predicted back in 2000 in the inconvenient truth. It was, an inconvenient truth, and what do people do with inconvenience, get rid of it, obviously. Many people ignore what is going on, and i can’t blame them, it’s fucking depressing. Knowing that your everyday actions negatively impacting the world but also feeling like ‘i’m just one person, what change is my one plastic cup, i have other shit to worry about’. And then I realised, people do have other things to worry about, not everyone wants to be a climate change worrier, because it’s depressing and it maybe doesn’t fit into their everyday life. We wouldn’t have so many of the fantastic things we have in this world if it wasn’t for plastic or the eating of meat or burning of coal, and i think it’s closed minded of people to completely condemn these things as they have been so much to so many people, it is only by making changing the world easy and accessible for the average person who kinda cares but also has to run a house and a business and drive kids to school and get a coffee and buy food at the shops. It is not these people we need to vilify, because they’re just trying their best, it’s the large corporations who allow plastic wrapping on all of their food, and the business more interested in money than the damage made to the planet, these are who need to be impacted.

This has all brought me to an idea, an idea about habits, that people will find it easier to take on a new habit when it is engulfed in habits that they already do and give them rewards. People don’t like new things, they are hard and they suck, especially when you feel like you lose something on the way.

Toothbrushes for example, new information has come out that plastic toothbrushes are fucking everywhere in the sea, why? Because everyone uses one twice a day, everyday and after three months, we throw them away for a new one, because they go bad and that’s when you’re told to. These toothbrushes don’t biodegrade, therefore every toothbrush i or you or anyone has ever used is still chilling somewhere on the earth, out of sight and mind. But they are chilling in the oceans, and we all like oceans, especially clean and happy ones. (especially when you’re eating the things that live in it, you know)

So it would seem that these new bamboo toothbrushes would be a perfect solution to this pollution issue, but after speaking with people who are in love with the cleaning capabilities of their fancy electric toothbrush with 10 settings and timers and a whole range of handy functions that keep their pearly whites, well pearly white, i realised that by just swapping to a bamboo toothbrush for the sheer knowledge that they’re doing their bit for the world felt futile, knowing tom, dick and harry won’t stop brushing their teeth with their oral B pro, why should I?

And i thought, why should you? Why should anyone give up what they enjoy, what may make them even 1% happier that day and more confident, heck isn’t that all we want?

So why doesn’t someone come up with a bamboo head for an electric toothbrush?

Turns out electric toothbrushes are pretty complex, thanks Philippe Guy Woog


So this ain’t gonna be easy and I just had this whole epiphany sat on my bed at 2 pm on a Tuesday afternoon, so brb I’m gonna try and invent a new thing.

In the meantime, you go save the world, one toothbrush at a time yeah?


Annie 🙂

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